Business opportunity with Empresme

1. High Profit Margin

Profit Margin is up to 30% depending on the package selected.

2. High demand product

Must have makeup item for daily use.

3. Quality product & premium packaging

Made from high quality ingredients, imported from USA & Japan. Packaging is specially designed for our target group customers. Simple, minimalist and bold.

4. Support Group

New registered agent will be invited to Empresme whatsapp group and fb group to get latest update, announcement and also to inquire related questions about Empresme

5. Training & coaching direct from HQ

New registered agent will receive guide and training from HQ step by step to kick start your business with Empresme

6. Marketing material support

Photos and videos for marketing purpose, including customer’s feedback will be distributed to agents

7. Attractive reward program

Agents will be rewarded for their hard work and effort to achieve sales target.


Minimum Modal
RM 600

Profit Margin
24 %

Product Worth Value
RM 790

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Super Agent

Minimum Modal
RM 1080

Profit Margin
32 %

Product Worth Value
RM 1580

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